Cyberblade' s Free Knife Workshops

Are you interested ? Well , Here's what you need to do! Follow these instructions and you will be on your way to learn "How to Build A knife" with all material included.

Your Benefit

Cyberblade will teach the student the basics of knife making with simple hand tools,( no need to buy expensive equipment). Individuals will acquire the skill to make a knife from bar stock into a uniquely handcrafted functional cutting instrument. Participants become familiar with the use of tools required and introduced to knife machinery, required for advancement. All materials, heat treatment of blades and lesson manual are included

Who Qualifies?

Any individual, general interest group, Learning Centres, Outdoor Culbs, Guest Ranches, or anyone want to increase their learning capacity by sponsoring a "Cyberblade Custom Handcrafted Workshop"(Groups /clubs,etc. will receive one free course).

To receive this "Two Hundred Dollar Value" - Free....

These items are required:
  1. Provide a location with a suitable space and organize a miniumim of 12 other students to participate in "Cyberblade Custom Knife making Workshops"
Well, what do you think? Easy enough?
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